Virtual Communications Lab


Online experiments in communications engineering

This program is an effort to make high-quality academic experiments in the field of communications technology available on the Internet. Similar to hardware experiments the goal is to learn, deepen and apply theoretical knowledge through practical experience.

Experiential learning
Students are encouraged to experiment actively and learn experientially.

Demonstrative and interactive simulations emulate hardware experiments

The virtual experiments of this lab are computer simulations that implement the techniques to be analyzed. These applications are built with a simulation framework developed by the author - labAlive. Put very simply, the experiments are online applications that are perhaps comparable to Matlab/Simulink. Furthermore, the virtual experiment environment emulates a real-world laboratory:

Almost unlimited combinations of options and possibilities enable active experimentation and individual learning. The accurate simulation implementation assures mathematically valid results in any case.

Even better than hardware experiments?

First of all, the common online learning advantages such as availability, reproducibility and scalability become effective. Even for on-site courses, this approach facilitates a didactically meaningful synchronization of lectures and practical experiments. Within lectures an experiment application can easily be started - e.g. a click in PowerPoint - and demonstrate a theoretical topic.
Furthermore, the virtual lab leverages a potential beyond hardware experiments:

Altogether, the lab conditions shall be designed to enhance a creative atmosphere and encourage students to experiment actively and learn experientially.

The vision

Experiments built with the labAlive simulation framework might constitute a valuable contribution within online learning initiatives, e.g. massive open online courses (MOOC).


myLabAlive: Give it a try and create your own simulation app. Get a first glimpse of labAlive text, that looks like a simple programming language.

App implementation: The dynamic calculation of the app main window size has been optimized.

Take a look at the latest experiments:


Select a topic of communications technology and explore online experiments that help you to understand communication technology! It's free for use.

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