Pulse Spectra

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Instruction Manual (German)


In this experiment pulses and their spectrum are directly shown. You can change the pulse shape and see how the corresponding spectrum looks like.


Start the simulation. A Gaussian Pulse is pre-selected and its spectrum is directly shown on the spectrum analyzer.

scope gauss
spectrum gauss

To change the pulse shape select the pulse of your choice from the drop down menu in the ‚??Pulse - select system‚?? window.

select system

Do you know how the spectrum of a sinc-pulse looks like? Go on and try the other pulse shapes.

Pulse Spectrum
scope gauss
spectrum gauss
scope sinc2
spectrum sinc2
scope rect
spectrum rect
scope sinc
spectrum sinc
scope dirac
spectrum dirac
scope exp
spectrum exp


Also take a look at the other simulation apps to get further into signals and spectra.

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