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Kanalkap_1 - Class in de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old
Demo Kanalkapazitšt - Sinus mit S = 1V^2, N = 0,33 V^2, S/N = 3
Kanalkap_1() - Constructor for class de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old.Kanalkap_1
Kanalkap_2 - Class in de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old
Demo Kanalkapazitšt - Rechteck mit S = 1V^2, N = 0,33 V^2, S/N = 3
Kanalkap_2() - Constructor for class de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old.Kanalkap_2
Kanalkap_3 - Class in de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old
Kanalkap_3() - Constructor for class de.labAlive.wiring.akt.old.Kanalkap_3
keepBeam() - Method in class de.labAlive.measure.xyMeter.beam.Beams
keepBeam() - Method in class de.labAlive.measure.xyMeter.plot.XYMeterWindow
KEY - Static variable in class de.labAlive.measure.spectrum.yMin.YminLinearLogParameter
KeyAction - Class in de.labAlive.core.window.main.key
KeyAction(int) - Constructor for class de.labAlive.core.window.main.key.KeyAction
KeyActionCreator - Class in de.labAlive.core.window
KeyActionCreator() - Constructor for class de.labAlive.core.window.KeyActionCreator
KeyEventAction - Interface in de.labAlive.core.window.main.key
KeyEventListener - Class in de.labAlive.core.window.keyEventListener
KeyEventListener() - Constructor for class de.labAlive.core.window.keyEventListener.KeyEventListener
keyEventListener - Variable in class de.labAlive.core.window.main.MainWindow
keyEventListener - Variable in class de.labAlive.core.window.Window
keyPressed(KeyEvent) - Method in class de.labAlive.core.window.keyEventListener.KeyEventListener
keyReleased(KeyEvent) - Method in class de.labAlive.core.window.keyEventListener.KeyEventListener
keyTyped(KeyEvent) - Method in class de.labAlive.core.window.keyEventListener.KeyEventListener
killTimerThread(TimerThread) - Method in class de.labAlive.core.thread.TimerThreadManager
Kompressor - Class in de.labAlive.system.siso.nonlinear
Class to kompress the amplitudes of a incoming siganl with the 13-Segment-Kennlinie
Kompressor(String, double) - Constructor for class de.labAlive.system.siso.nonlinear.Kompressor
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